Periodontal Maintenance

Gum disease is known as periodontal disease or periodontal infection. Common signs of periodontal gum disease are:

  • teeth that shift or become loose
  • red or swollen gums
  • bad breath
  • gums bleed during brushing

The causes of gum disease include not brushing daily to remove plaque, hormone changes, teeth grinding or clenching, certain medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as different medications which reduce the normal protective saliva flow. As a chronic bacterial gum disease, periodontal disease greatly affects your gums, tissues, and the bones that support your teeth. The good news is that it can be prevented and can be effectively treated.

Under the care of Dr. Mher Grigoryan, restorative dentist with years’ of experience, your oral care for periodontal maintenance is in excellent hands. Dentistry of all types is a passion in order to give every patient a satisfying and good looking results. Doctors modern advances in the latest dentistry techniques and technologies are a part of his aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.

As Board certified dental physicians, Dr. Mher Grigoryan is  happy to meet with you and discuss his painless techniques to help treat any periodontal symptoms you have. Doctors latest method is with the use of a laser, which is effective, comfortable, and gentle for treating the areas that periodontal bacteria has attacked. Right in the comfort of our offices you will be treated with a specific laser that has been designed for treating gum (periodontal) disease.

If after consultation, Dr. Mher Grigoryan suggests a dental implant, his years of experience and training in dental restorations, will give you a normal looking tooth or group of teeth. They can work with your insurance company, as well as providing payment options that can fit your needs. Dr. Mher Grigoryan personally meets with all his patients to better understand your goals, to put you at ease, and to answer any questions their patient’s may have.

Regular maintenance visits to Dr. Mher Grigoryan, your expert periodontist, will help to prevent dental problems and by treating the disease in its early stages, he will help to save you a smile and to save you money. During your periodontal maintenance cleaning, their trained dental hygienist, will also check for any hidden periodontal problems that can lie under the gums and tissue of your teeth. Begin your healthy smile today by calling us and making an appointment to stay on top of all your oral health treatments.