Pediatric Dentistry

Parents always want their kids to have the best health care. Despite the fact that kids are well fed, socialized and exercised, there is still a problem that most parents fail to recognize; the oral health of the child. It is a common assumption that as long they brush their teeth they won’t have to visit a dentist. This is a misconception because like adults, kids also can have oral problems. Choosing a qualified pediatric dentist can save your child from many dental flare ups that come up during the early ages. Here are 3 main benefits of pediatric dentistry services.


Taking your child to a pediatric dentist will help your child to gain good habits. Cultivating good oral habits when your child is still young will help them develop the habit even at older age. The more frequent the kid goes to the dentist, the more comfortable they will feel about it in future. Pediatric dentists deal with children all day. This means that they know how to make your kid feel comfortable while in their clinic. The professionals are trained on how to handle kids without creating fear or intimidating them. Most pediatric dentists have toys for the kids and kid-friendly furniture that make kids comfortable in their offices.


Pediatric dentistry includes infant oral health exams and treatment, preventive care, management of gum diseases, cavity and tooth defect repair, and treatment of other dental disorders. Dentists can spot these problems early enough and prescribe the necessary medication for your child. This will protect your child from painful experiences and in extreme cases losing their teeth through tooth decay. It is also less expensive to deal with dental problems early before they develop into bigger dental problems that require special attention.


Some parents take their kids to their family dentist because they know they will save some money there. However, such parents end up paying more because there are some pediatric dental problems that family doctors cannot handle. Pediatric dentists receive additional training that family dentists don’t. They have to complete two more years after the normal four years in dental school. The two years are for residency training where the pediatric dentist is trained in handling teens, infants and children with special needs.


If you are looking for pediatric dentistry services, then you should visit Dr. Mher Grigoryan. This professional offers quality dental care for children. Dr. Mher Grigoryan has adequate training and experience in diagnosing and treating all dental problems in kids. Call us to book an appointment for a full check up and get your child’s oral care on track.