Inlays and outlays are often used instead of traditional fillings or as an alternative to dental crowns. Both inlays and outlays are a form of indirect fillings that are well-fitting, stronger, and a longer lasting option to prevent tooth decay or other similar problems that have occurred. Inlays are fillings inside the top of the tooth when cavities occur more in the middle of the tooth. On the other hand, outlays are used when a bigger area, the outside edges or cusps, of the tooth are needed to be filled.

Both inlays and outlays are made of a solid substance (usually gold or porcelain) and fitted into the cavity and cemented into place. Unlike traditional fillings, these procedures take more than one visit to complete. Your dentist will first take prepare the tooth in question and create a dental impression of the tooth to send it out to a dental lab. He may also put in a temporary filling to hold the tooth over until you are able to return. The lab will then use your impression to create your inlay or outlay with the material chosen (your dentist will discuss your options with you) and send it back. After this, you will make a return trip to the office for it to be fitted and permanently cemented into place.

There are many benefits of choosing an inlay or outlay. They provide a superior fit that goes directly to where it is needed and nothing else. It leaves as much as the healthy tooth as possible and is a great alternative to having a full crown or filling that may require healthy portions being removed. This preserves a healthy tooth structure to make the tooth last as long as possible. They build up the strength and stability of the tooth. This can actually make the tooth stronger than a normal tooth.

Outlays especially are very good at protecting weak areas of the tooth without any reshaping while inlays are very good for tight spaces. If you have a cavity between teeth, an inlay is better for sealing the tooth and keeping at the bacteria in between.

They are both great options for easier tooth cleaning as well. The fit is tailored and makes it possible to clean the tooth and get into any tight areas better than crowns. They also do not stain as easily and keep their color better than normal fillings for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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