If you have some rather significant issues with your teeth and your gums, and tooth implants are not an option, there is no need to shy away from dentures, because the Dentures of today, are not like the dentures of yesterday. If you are like most people you probably have memories of someone in your family or in your community that had these over sized, not so natural looking teeth that pretty much announced to the world that the person wearing them had a mouth full of artificial teeth.

Thanks to the advances of modern dentistry, the once dreaded denture is now a very viable and practical option for those who have lost a majority of their teeth to gum disease, or an accident. Dentures are prostheses that are made to be removed, and is generally a full lower or upper plate that replaces all of the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw.


One of the things that has changed when it comes to dentures is the fact that dentists and technicians pay much closer attention to detail, as their professional reputation is dependent upon the appearance of their work. Dentures can now be made to snap into place through the use of precision attachments which allow dentists to eliminate or hide the metal clasps so that the denture fits inside of the mouth in a more uniformed way.

It used to be that people that wore dentures often complained about the discomfort that they experienced as a result of having to wear them, and often times people would just avoid wearing their Dentures when they were not going out into the public. Now, the materials that are used to make today’s dentures are much softer and easily conform to fit the shape of the mouth, which results in less pain, irritation and discomfort.


One of the biggest advantages to wearing dentures verses other tooth replacement options is the cost. In many cases, you can get a complete set of dentures for what it would cost to have two teeth implanted. Another advantage that dentures provide is support, as dentures help to decrease the loss of oral bone, and they also support facial structure and muscles.


Dentures can be made as partial or full sets. Partial dentures are made for patients who need to fill in the spaces between several teeth that are missing, and full dentures are made for people that have either lost all or most of their teeth. The dental implant option is also available to people who prefer a denture that is more permanent.

Making the decision to get dentures is a serious one, as it can have an effect on your self esteem, and your appearance. You need a dental team that will be there to provide you will the support that you need, and the skill and the knowledge to ensure that your new teeth look natural and are representative of you and how you want to present yourself to the world. Dr. Mher Grigoryan will deliver the quality of care that you need and expertise that you can trust.